Friday, October 31, 2014

I Was Looking For Old Santas

Instead I found 
Three Little Witches

I made these many years ago when I was teaching developmentally delayed adults.

I still haven't found the Santas!  Maybe I gave them away!

Happy Halloween!

As always, thanks for stopping by..........*s*


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Linda....Hares and RabbitsYou may be right!

  2. Ha, Ha... I like Linda's Comment. I was going to say that the witches Are the Santas... it is just all the soot from a long night climbing up and down chimneys that has turned their red clothes and hats black!

    1. Hi Peter....Better and better. It can't be seen in the photo but there is a coat of red under the black!

  3. Makes me want to blow the dust off my cauldron! Ditto on Linda and Peter :) Was a grand wet night here, hope for you too!

    1. Hi Sandy.....Cauldrons are good for all sorts of things at this time of year! We had (are having) lots of wind with rain expected later! No kids out, we live so far off the road that we never get anyone. That doesn't prevent us from buying candy however!

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    You found those in time didn't you?!
    Well, yesterday I had no broad band so I had to buy more during the early morning hours when I could get back on line.
    We will be facing the first frost tonight and tomorrow so Pieter had to haul potplants into the greenhouse. Crazy week with almost 90s on Monday and by Saturday night frost. No wonder that plants do perish as they have not had a chance to harden...

  5. Hi Mariette.....Yes I did find them, even though I wasn't looking for them. Ah serendipity!
    We are expecting our first frost tomorrow/ I've been bringing plants in for the last few days and should finish tomorrow. Every year I wonder how I managed to accumulate so many over the summer. I'll put blankets over the big planters as it's supposed to warm up a bit next week!
    As you say, the weather is crazy!

  6. Who needs Santas when there are witches like those? You will find the Santas though. I just feel it. I couldn't remember what I did with my Thanksgiving hand towels and then I found them. :-)

  7. Your witches are beyond this world! Very well done! I do love them! You are such a smart cat! Christa


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