Tuesday, October 7, 2014

If It's Tuesday It Must Be......


I finally found the little raku teapot I made many years ago when a group of us from the SCAA Potters Coop were firing with Tom Ladd at his studio.  We became a pretty efficient crew.  I think one day we did fourteen pulls.  And we always managed to bring a lot of good food too!

I pinched this from a either a raku clay or a ^6-8 white.  It holds about twenty-four ounces of tea.  Being raku, I have never actually brewed tea in it.  However, it pours very nicely indeed.

Perhaps it's because I have drunk so much tea in my like but making dripless spouts has never been a huge problem for me.  Those are words I may come to regret, so I am knocking a lot of wood!

The lid was fired separately.  The little drip of glaze at the end is pure serendipity!

I was listening to the Berlin Philharmonic and Anna Sophie Mutter playing the Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major this morning and it struck me once again how much I miss my big AR speakers.  I have top quality Bose speakers for my computer but they cannot match the room filling sound and nuance the big speakers had.  Alas they died of old age this past winter.  Meanwhile we are saving our pennies!

It's a strange, warmish, mostly cloudy day today with rain expected later on and into tomorrow morning.  We still welcome rain.  Toes crossed that we will catch up after our very dry September!  Meanwhile I am starting to bring plants in, a sure sign of the changing seasons!

Enjoy the day.  As always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. That’s a great tea pot. I love the form and the drip.

    1. Hi Lori.....Thanks. Sometimes accidents are good!

  2. That is gorgeous! I have speakers plugged into my computer, but they don't do justice to Adam Lambert's voice. :-)

    1. Hi Cheri.....Small speakers, no matter how good they are, don't have the same depth of sound their larger cousins do.

  3. We had a regular raku group in NH and we always had the best time together, raku firing year round in all kinds of weather. I miss those days.
    I still have my BIG old speakers. Last year we replaced the receiver on my late 1980's stereo. I will be very sad should the speakers ever go.

    1. Hi Michele....I'm not quite sure what happened but my reply never posted! We potters tend to work in isolation or perhaps with a partner. Working in a group is stimulating and fun.......as long as I can retreat back to my studio.

  4. Hi Suzi,

    The teapot is lovely - good to have a pot that pours well.
    Have bought some and they dribble and don't pour well - which I do not like.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

    1. Hi Carolyn....Even though it does pour well, I would never brew tea in it. Raku clay is always porous. Plus, I don't trust the glaze.
      You are so right about beautiful pots that don't pour well!

  5. Dearest Suzi,
    Love this Raku teapot, very special and glad you finally found it.
    We so seldom have the chance to just sit and listen to the music. Always there is something to do and when we have tea we watch The Five on Fox and no music. Maybe one day we get caught up and can enjoy it; we too do have surround music and it is quite a great experience.
    There is always something going on. Pieter traded in his EZ turn from John Deere as it slipped too easily into the creek or pond. It was becoming a hazard, mainly because of the very wet spring and summer; contrary to your area! So now the wheels are bigger and with more grip; same 42" width but it makes a difference. Well, Pieter tried to clean up our wood garden but the sprocket for the chain saw got damaged so I had to get on line and find parts to order. That means waiting... Always something going on. I myself try in-between to sort through all our old letters from relatives and friends and discard lots of them, scan some things and also scan old photos... When that will be all done I do the happy dance!
    Sending you hugs and love and wish for rain. We got blue skies and warm weather today with low humidity that feels so great!

    1. Hi Mariette.....Thanks; I have been finding all sorts of stuff since starting this clean up project.
      I'm glad to read that Pieter has a safer vehicle; the old one sounds like it was a prelude to disaster.
      We had rain last night. Toes crossed that the weather patters have changed and we will get more rain.
      We're into our usual southern New England autumn with cool nights and warmer days.


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