Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lost Stuff Found

The dahlias toes that I found at the beginning of August have begun to bloom.  The toes were in a bucket of dry peat and cat litter that I thought I had emptied.  All I really wanted to do was give them enough growing time to get strong enough to make it through the winter.  The blooms are a real bonus. These is also a lavender and purple that is starting to open.  Toes crossed that it makes it through the oncoming rain.  Mr Harrelson had a find old time chewing up a bunch of them that blew over in some wind a few weeks ago, so we moved them up close to the house.  Even the gnawed ones are showing signs of buds.  Maybe frost will hold off for a few more weeks!

I made the pigs and garlic pots back in the fall of 2011.  The garlic pots dried so fast that I never cut the air holes in them.  The pigs were supposed to be banks.  I cut the slits but never made the cork holes on their bellies.  Then their feet fell off and were glued back on with spooze.  I saved them for glaze tests and experiments.  I went digging for them yesterday because I was thinking about making a bunch of test bowls; remembered these guys; it only took me an hour to find them!

I may make a few of a better size for our upcoming Christmas Sale.....we'll see, grasshopper....we'll see!

We are expecting a couple of days of rain to start soon.  Toes crossed we get some heavy showers.  Things are not dire....but rain is good.  It's amazing how the garden has picked up with the few inches we have had.  Plants are much happier with rain than with hand watering!

BTW to see how dogs are celebrated with their own holiday in Nepal go to Jenny Mendes's blog!

We've had warm days and cool nights; I hope everyone is enjoying good weather too.

As always, thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. dahlias blooming now wow, we've had a freeze already, cute pigs, what is smooze? we have city water here and I know our plants like the rain much better.

    1. Hi Linda....We often don't have real frost until Thanksgiving. Something about being four miles from the ocean and a strange microclimate!

      1 part vinegar
      1 part Karo syrup
      Enough finely ground clay to make anything from a thick slip to a paste, depending on the use. I often mix in some shredded toilet paper to make it even stronger. I have attached dry handles to dry cups, and mended bisque with it. I think I originally got the recipe from Chris Gustin, but am not really sure. Get it smooth before it dries because it's like cement when dry!

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Love your 'oink-oink' group and now you can use them for some testing.
    Your Dahlias look like they won a prize! Wow, what a fat and healthy looking blooms.
    We too need rain, warm days with low humidity and some wind does a lot of drying. The nights are a lot cooler and we already slept one night under the winter down duvet... I feel cold too because of my condition but this feels comfy.
    Hugs to you,

    1. Hi Mariette....There is always a use for what appear to be useless pots!
      Thanks, I think dahlias are one of most favorite flowers. I can't imagine a summer without dahlias and heavenly blue morning glories!
      I sympathise with feeling the cold. Even though we have had no frost, our nights are cold enough for me to have my duvet on the bed!

  3. Our dahlias are just past, but such a gorgeous flower!

    1. Hi Gary....Thanks, yours were pretty spectacular this year!

  4. Wow! The dahlias are amazing. My oldest used them in her wedding (late June in California) a few years back. I like the piggy banks even if their feet did fall off and they are true piggies who keep the money! :-)

    1. Hi Cheri...Your daughter's wedding must have been beautiful.
      I was knocked over when I saw the dahlia gardens in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
      I laughed at your calling them true piggies, who keep the money!

  5. Saving old broken pots for glaze tests is smart. You can really see what that glaze will do when you put it on a larger piece than just a little test tile.

  6. Hi Lori....I couldn't agree more. Small tiles or or bowls are fine to start but a large piece lets me see how a pattern will work in a larger space.


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