Thursday, April 16, 2015


 I got my Giffen Grip for my birthday many years ago.  Since we share the same day I bought new sliders to refresh an old friend.  Each slider is individually adjustable which should make working on the bases of square mugs and bowls a lot easier.

The sun is shining and the daffodils by the house are in full bloom.  Usually by this time the border bed has passed and the flowers out in the yard are blooming away.  Those are just beginning to show buds!

I can't complain!  We are enjoying more that two sunny days in a row.  Yesterday it was so warm that I hung my laundry outside and it dried!  Oh Happy Day!

Sadly, our swimming pool liner has bitten the dust.  Again, no complaints as it outlasted its warranty by fifteen years.  From what we read replacement is fairly straightforward and easy.

I'm cleaning my studio.  I still ask myself how I manage to accumulate all this stuff with such regularity!

Enjoy Spring!

As always, thanks for stopping by..........*s*

P.S.   Meesh and Jeff have closed on their new house and studio.  They're still accepting order for Mugs For Moving.  Take a look!............*s*


  1. Yay spring, and sunny fresh laundry! We've been having so much rain this week, I don't dare hang out the sheets. Your sliders look like they'll save a lot of time for you!

    1. Hi Barb....I think the sliders are just what I need for oddly shaped pots!

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Happy for you and yes, being able to dry your laundry outdoors is really enjoying happy days!
    We have seen lots of rain all week but that makes everything so lush and fresh; also the weeds!
    A busy time of the year and that is good as well. Yes there will always be something to repair or to replace...
    Sending you hugs and blessings for a happy weekend.

    1. Hi Mariette....Although we are still waiting for the ground to warm up enough to plant we have started the spring clean up.

  3. sounds like you are getting the most of your warmer weather...

    1. Hi Anna....The warmth has been a long time coming!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Gary....The more flowers the merrier!

  5. Hi Suzy,

    Oh yes, happy days indeed to get the laundry dried out in the fresh air and sunlight.
    The daffodils are so very pretty and such a sunny bright look to your garden.
    Happy Sunday

  6. Hi Carolyn....We are sooooo enjoying this after a brutal winter. Daffodils are like having a thousand little suns in the yard!

  7. I have been considering new sliders for the giffen grip... I have two sets, the original style and the 2nd gen. Let me know how you like the newbies.
    I love to hang laundry outside. Thankfully, the new house has a big close line.

    Thank you for linking back to me! Jeff and I truly appreciate it!

    1. Hi Michele....I've been recycling clay and cleaning my studio so I haven't had a chance to try the sliders. I have centered a few of my fired square pots with them and they seem like they will do just what I want.

      Toes crossed that the sale went well. Those sinks are amazing!


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