Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring at Last?

I started this entry several days ago.  Then Aloysius managed to get a door open and escape in the middle of the night.  (There's nothing like stumbling around making tea in the morning and finding a wide open door to wake you up quickly!)  He started hanging around, still outside, last night, but we weren't up for a merry chase through the woods at midnight.  This seems to be something Aloysius needs to do every once in a while.  The problem is that we have too many predators that like to eat cats.

He's near the house so I'm sure we'll get him in today.  Ah the joys of being a pet owner!

Meanwhile, we really are seeing signs of spring.  The daffodils are in full bloom.  Even the little minis that I barely remember planting (They were a little pot of bulb that I stuck in the ground after they finished blooming.) are coming along.  By next week between violets and vinca we should have a purple carpet covering most of the yard.

In honor of spring I have changed my photo to my little bird.  He's fairly old and one of the first birds I ever made.  He's glazed in Spectrum Satin Matte with my own Mason Stain mixed colors.  I think he even made it into a show.  I liked him so much that I have kept him as a symbol of good fortune.

Below are two mermaid whistle prototypes.  I've made these as ornaments and magnets, but never tried them as whistles until now. I made a basic mold out of Sculpy.  Once I take the form out of the mold I can individualize it.  The faces are penciled in for reference.  I'll use paint to do the faces after they are fired.  This is only the base glaze.  There are scales and such to come.

Whistles are something I do when I feel like I have no ideas left.  They usually get me moving in a new direction.  I now have a list of stuff I want to make!  Of course the warmer weather adds to my creative juices!

These are the mini daffs I wrote or earlier, with what looks like some sort of  bulb.  I have no idea where it came from!

Even the flamingoes have come out of hiding!

It's a cloudy and drizzly morning with promises of warmer sun later in the day.  It's hard to believe that April is almost gone,  Tempus fugit!

Enjoy the coming week

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  1. what a flock of flamingos you have, wow, we have two flamingos we got in Arkansas and finally put them out here. Ha. I have never seen a mini daffodil, how sweet. how do you work with the sculpy to do molds, I have heard of that type of clay but never used it. I notice you are putting your name on your photos now, wondering the reasoning ?

    1. Hi Linda....We get more flamingoes every year!
      I make my Sculpy molds over damp clay models. I start with a thin sheet to get details, then build up around it to make a strong model. I put it in my toaster oven. By the time the Sculpy is ready the clay is usually hard enough to remove. Once the mold is cool I scrub it out. I should do a post on this.
      I've started to put my name and date on my photos so it's identifiable as mine should anyone want to use it or misidentify it.

  2. OOoh, I have a friend who loves Mermaids...can't wait to see where you go with these!

    1. Hi Barb.....I'm in the staring and thinking stage right now. Hope to get them into my next kiln load.

  3. I love your bird. I'm sure it has been a fabulous bringer of good luck. And YAY spring - finally. Hope your cat comes home soon.

    1. Hi Judy....Thanks, I always enjoy him. See my new post about Aloysius!

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    Well, the week is already flying by and we're again in heavy rain for the night and also tomorrow 80% chance of rain. So Pieter will have a very wet Birthday...
    Lovely bird you show and those mermaid whistles look fun too.
    About Aloysius, that is less funny... Oh my what a scare to find the door open and him gone! Hope he meanwhile did come home safely.
    One of our cats came home, wet, after the rain already started this evening so I got to towel him dry.
    We are happy when they're home, or down inside the garage and not roaming around.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Hi Mariette.....I just did a post of the return of Aloysius! Out pets sure do put us through wringer sometimes.
      Happy birthday to Pieter!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Gary......Thanks. (I'm blushing!)


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