Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Turn a salable into an unsalable whistle in one easy lesson:

Drop it on the cement floor and break the ear off!

I glued the ear back on using white spooze because I have hopes that the white will blend with the glaze.  If you look carefully at the second photo, you can see the mend .  I didn't bother with the full decoration, just did a few stars in a new yellow I blended.  I want to see how the color will look over the blue.  It will probably be slightly greener once it's fired.

This is a little petunia that grew and bloomed under our doorstep.  It's a reseed from last winter.   I moved it as under the doorstep is a most unsafe place.  Petunia seeds are hardy.  I have a bunch of them coming up in planters.

I find that the plants I grow outside, from seed are always stronger than the plants I buy, even from the very good nurseries we have here.  It just takes a bit longer for them to bloom.

Someday I will have a kitty proof place where I can start seeds indoors.  Someday, grasshopper...

Enjoy the day, and as always, thanks for stopping by................*s*


  1. Poor kitty's ear. Will spooze hold through the firing? I know you low fire, but I've never heard of it. Great design! I've never tried planting petunias, always thought the seeds were too small. So today I may have learned something!

    1. Hi Barb...I'll try to do a post about spooze this weekend. Petunias can winter over inside quite easily.

  2. Darn, I hate it when that happens! And she is such a pretty kitty.
    I haven't had petunias since moving south. Like you, I often had some that would re-seed themselves. It's always a nice surprise, considering the colder climate up north.

    1. Hi Michele....Thanks.
      Petunias are a perennial in warm areas; I'm pretty sure that's why I winter them over in the house so easily.

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  4. Dearest Suzi,
    Haha, had to laugh with that kitty safe place indoors... But you did glue that ear back on almost invisible. Looks great again.
    Sending you hugs and blessings for the weekend.

    1. Hi Mariette....Kitty came through the firing reasonably well. I'll be posting a photo soon.
      Enjoy your day.


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