Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mug Feet

I've been looking at my mugs again and have decided to work on the feet on my handbuilt mugs

In one style of mug I leave the edge of the bottom slab visible.  Other times I blend it into the form and mark a bottom ring with a squiggly line.  I've emphasized these with black underglaze so I can keep track of them more easily.  I am experimenting with indenting the bottoms to form a foot or at least a ring.  This makes for a steadier cup.  Because my majolica glazes are so stable I can glaze the indented center.  This can lead to a nice little surprise on the bottom.

This all thanks to Tim See, who talked about feet and the bottoms of pots in the workshop he did at S.C.A.A. last month.

I also took a good look at my favorite Linda Arbuckle mug.  In addition to having huge admiration for the way she decorates her work, I like the way she pays special attention to all the little details in the foot ring, the decoration and her signature inside the foot, and the interior of the mug. The eye for all these little details and the way they add up to a sum greater than the items is what makes her work so exciting. 

As always thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. Dearest Suzi,
    Being creative never has an ending and with such happy results!
    Love the details to the bottom, on the handle and such.

  2. Hi Mariette...Thanks. I am still working on handles!

  3. That attention to detail really makes a piece shine.

    1. Hi Lori....Thanks; you do some pretty nice detail work yourself!

  4. I like the indent on those mugs. Remember to share once glazed!
    Your Linda Arbuckle mug is beauty.

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  6. Hi Michele.....Thanks, more experimenting is ahead!
    I love using the mugs I have that are made by friends, both real time and virtual!

  7. Lovely Linda Arbuckle mug, I do like the decoration underneath. It will be fun to have feet on the mugs, I guess my only fear about individual feet on mugs and other upright forms (as opposed to foot rings) would be regarding stability, but I'm sure that any issues there can be overcome.

  8. Hi Peter......Linda is the best! The four footed mugs are experiments. I make various three foot ed cupa and bowls, but tripods are easy to stabilize, quadrapods not so much. We'll see grasshopper........
    BTW those were some luscious results from your last firing!


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