Sunday, August 20, 2017


Ringo found this flower pot I brought in to fix and decided it was a good place for a nap.

The kittens will probably be ready to leave Peach in about two weeks.  They are still a little shy, but will come sit on my feet when playing.

More photos to follow.

As always, thanks for stopping by..........*s*


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    1. Hi Linda......Thanks. I always give kittens nicknames. When I had my Siamese I would do themes. These just sort of happened.
      We have Ringo,Leaf, Bibsy, Cobb, Apricat, Grayby.

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Ringo is a smart kitten for finding this perfect place.
    It always puzzled both of us that kittens and adult cats too, often opt for a hard surface to nap on. We think that a soft one is preferable but not so.
    Hugs and happy Sunday!

    1. Hi think they like hard surfaces in summer because they are cooler.

  3. He's a sweet smart little guy. Someone will be happy to have him. Yes, more kitten pictures so I can vicariously enjoy them and stop myself from getting one!

    1. Hi Barb.....I will post more sooon!

  4. Kittens are such fun! Are you planning to find homes for them on your own, or bring them to a shelter when they are old enough?

  5. that's a pretty kitten so I'm sure you will find a home quickly for him or her.


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