Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Three years ago yesterday we went to Connecticut to look at some half corgis that had come up from a southern state.  The very nice woman said to another, "They have come to look at 'Stella'."  We took one look at a little white with one spot sitting in the back of a horse stall being jumped on by her rambunctious brothers and said, "No, we've come to take 'Stella' home."  She was such a timid little pup that she obviously needed a home that did not involve bullying brothers.

We decided That 'Stella'  was a no go.  Wandering around the woods, if she got off her run,  Yelling STELLA!  did not appeal at all.  We named her Winter, because she is white and we could have a good time calling her the littlest Dire Wolf and saying, "WINTER IS COMING!"   Obviously there has been entirely too much Game of Thrones in our lives.

This is the way Winter looked yesterday.  Notice that the snow by the slab has melted and daffodils are beginning to show.

It's a far cry from the day we brought Winter home.  That was a particularly warm spring.  Of course we did have a drought later in the summer!

I made banoffee pie for Pi Day.  It was delicious!

  Yesterday we lost our electricity for several hours in the early evening.  We hooked up the inverter, got out the gas stove and continued life.  Every house should have a power inverter!

Today is sunny but very windy.  It's a good day for working indoors.  I am getting ready to fire the kiln Big Mama this weekend.

Here's to sunny days ahead!

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  1. I would never guess that Winter was part corgi, they are so agile and smart, I remember when you got her, we are enjoying unseasonably good weather right now and the fruit trees are either blooming or buds are swollen almost to open. I hope we don't get a blueberry frost this year.

    1. Hi Linda....Winter gets much more of a corgi look about her in person. We have no idea who her daddy is, but I am thing Staffordshire Terrier. She has a very curly tail which we say with helicopter blades attached she could achieve lift off!
      Toes crossed for continued warmth with no frost!

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    So you actually did have a very special day yesterday! Winter is lucky that you took her home, three years ago and she looks beautiful. Our Barty also had his 11th cat-birthday yesterday; he's as happy as can be and loves me to death.
    Having an inverter is a smart thing. We have nothing on gas, only artificial gas logs that are fed from a refillable gas tank outside. Wish we could have natural gas in our area.
    Sending you hugs and further mild weather to enjoy.

    1. Hi Mariette.....Celebrating our 4Legger family members is part of the fun of having them around. All the kitties came to us a rescues so we celebrate April 1 as their birthdays! Foolish kitties on a foolish day.
      We are all electric here; gas is LPG; you have probably guessed that we are in a pretty early here.
      Enjoy our sunny days.

  3. Oh, what a sweet dog :) And oh that pie................

    1. Hi Gary...Winter is a sweetie. I'm not sure she knows that she is a dog; the cats treat her like one of their own.
      Banoffee is my current favorite pie. I don't make it very often!

  4. Yike, when I first started to read, I thought this was going to be an obituary! My heart always skips a little beat when I see a blog post about a pet :) its often about a death of one. Glad this is not the case. I love the name Winter. If I had been the hippy I am now when my daughter was born, she might very well be Winter instead of Wesley :)
    I'm trying very hard to convince my husband to buy her a dog for graduation!

    1. Hi Tracey....There are too many pet obits and not enough celebrations.
      It's hard to believe that Wesley is graduating. It seems like yesterday that she was starting college. How proud you must be of her!

  5. Winter looks so sweet, and I agree... Stella wasn't suitable for her!
    Amazing how different each Spring can be, but it looks like it is finally heading your way.

    1. Hi Michele.....She is a sweetie!
      Spring is here, but we may be getting snow today!


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