Monday, June 5, 2017

Farewell Red Rabbit

My Toyota 4RUNNER, the Red Rabbit, has finally bitten the dust.  Took it in for inspection and the verdict is that even if I were willing to spend the thousands to fix it there is no way to to put new parts into the rusted underbody.  The rear end is gone.  I can't really complain as it has over 250000 miles on it, half of which I put on in all the years I have had it.

The photo is the little whistle I mad in its honor many years ago.

Now to get a replacement.  My car guys think they can find something within the week!

Toes crossed........we'll see, grasshopper............we'll see.............

As always, thanks for stopping by.....*s*


  1. hard to let the dependable ones go, hope you get another good one.

  2. This was me a couple of months ago, when the Ghost Pony bought the farm. Now I'm a truck person!

  3. Buying a new vehicle is both scary and exciting! Good luck with your purchase.

  4. I hope your new vehicle inspires another whistle... that one is great


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