Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Preparing to Fire

I am so bad about taking and posting photos of my work after I fire it that I am trying to at least get pictures before stuff goes in the kiln.  These are more of the very small cups I call SIPPERS.  They are nice for a bit of whisky or cognac.

I use them for testing out new designs.  They are much smaller than my real mugs but they give me a sense of placement and color.  The odd coloration is due to the wax resist I use. The drawback is that they take almost as long to paint as my regular mugs and bowls. 

I have been truly enjoying the whole process of  painting.  It becomes very meditative when I really get into it.  

I find I have to remember to get up and move around every so often.  Otherwise I feel like I am frozen in one position.  Ah, the joys of growing older! 

And what would an entry be without a picture of at least one kitten.  This is Ringo, lying on Proge's lap last night.  It's hard to believe tha in August we could just barely touch him.  He now jumps up on my bed in thew morning to add his voice to the chorus demanding to be fed.

Grayby is becoming more trusting.  Last night she jumped up on my feet while playing, and she responds with purrs when I stroke her while she is eating.  She is such a neat, delicate little girl, where Ringo plops around looking like an unmade bed, even after brushing.

It's going to take Lucky Peach longer to trust us.  She's getting better, but it will take awhile.  Yet she shows no interest ingoing outside. She and the peach pits were absolutely clean when we brought everyone in.

I still think Aloysius yelling out the window is what brought her to us.


Happy Saint Nicholas Day to one and all.

As always, thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. those cups are so sweet, now you need to take a photo after in the same position so we can see how they look.

    1. Hi Linda.....It’s really hard, but I’ll try!

  2. Lovely cups...all that work! Impressive! Glad to have a peach pit update too. So glad you saved them and now they're part of your lives.

    1. Hi Barb....Thanks. They are been a constant delight in this not so delightful year.

  3. Sweet little cups, and great update on your new kitty family. Nice to see they are all settling in, albeit at their own pace!

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  5. Hi Michele.....Thanks. We haven’t had kittens for a long time so this has been fun.


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