Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Time Passes

Good things come to those who clean!

A set of shelves needed to be moved so we can get at the overhead pipe that is leaking in the bathroom directly over my studio.  The fix is simple; it’s the getting there that is difficult.  This involved not just cleaning but emptying said shelved.

Et voila!  Way in a back corner I found this little cup (I also found a long lost drill chuck, but that is a tale fr another day.)  I designed it as an experiment several years ago when I was working on gargoyles and mermaids for my neice’s wedding.  At the time I considered it a throwaway, but now I think I want to work on this idea.

It’s terra cotta handbuilt over a balloon, glazed with Andrea Gill’s WOM, painted with Mason Stains, and fired to a hot ^05.
I turn off the vent as soon as the kiln trips and let it cool on its own.  Bailey kilns are so well insulated that I never have a problem with cooling too quickly.

It doesn’t seem possible that January is almost done.  Since Groundhog Day (Candlemas) is the midpoint of winter I have decided that my year is beginning now.  Resolutions anyone?

As always, thanks for stopping by................*s*


  1. oh I can't believe you considered that cup a throwaway, it's lovely, the gargoyle looks scary, and of course I love muted colors

    1. Hi Linda.....Thanks. It was a preliminary test piece so I placed little value on it.

  2. It's an idea come back to remind you!

  3. Hi Grynneth.....Remind or haunt? 🤭 What goes around comes around.
    BTW I am enjoying enormously your continuing New Zealand travelogue.

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    Hope you got the leak fixed as it is never a pleasant thing to live with.
    Surprised to read here Candlemas as even at Church yesterday it was not mentioned.
    They only mentioned the St. Blaise blessing which we got, but that is for today... Wonder why?! So many things that we remember so well from our younger years are off the table nowadays. Not always better.

  5. Hi Mariette....The leak was easily fixed, which was good as messing around with water in the middle of winter is not fun. My mother always noted Groundhog Day. In retrospect I think she disliked winter and was happy to think of only six more weeks.


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