Monday, February 13, 2023


 This probably the last amaryllis to bloom this year.  I bought the bulb on sale just after Christmas.  I'm not sure if I have had this one in the past.

I do have bunch of bulbs that I will probably plant, just to keep them going.

Meanwhile I am enjoying bright blooms on a dull, gray day.

As always, stay safe, and thanks for stopping by.................*s*


  1. Dearest Suzi,
    That indeed is the BEST remedy for any dreary looking rainy day.
    We had several of such days again and today the sun came and it was 70°F so we biked in our shorts, with a jacket on of course.
    In the shade it felt still chilly... But we were happy to see the sun and we spotted lots of flooded fields—so much water everywhere!
    Hugs and enjoy your beauties.

  2. Hi Suzi,
    That is a really gorgeous amaryllis, such a glorious colour and elegant form. It is wonderful how much a plant like that can lift the spirits and transform an otherwise grey day! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog, it was delightful to hear from you, I have neglected the blog over recent years and am trying to breathe some life into it again. It was really nice to see that some of the people that I used to be in touch with are still out there! :-)


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