Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Anudda Budda!

 This is the base of the butter dish in my last post.  Glazed in Spectrum #252, Satin White, three thin coats brushed on.  This glaze lifts when brushing colors.  I sprayed it with hair spray which helps. Waxed and waiting for the wax to dry before I proceed.

I've been having fun with these mini butter dishes.  I'm trying to use a looser brush style. 

Watched the eclipse reflected in the fish pond.  I took some pictures; they didn't come out very well.  It didn't get all that dark here, but it was noticeably cooler and the fish all clustered in the middle of the water.  We were fortunate to have a sunny day.

Driving home from Hope Valley on Friday the temp indicator suddenly went bonkers up to the top of the gauge.  Leak somewhere. Had it towed yesterday down to our very reliable fix-it guys.  Toes crossed it won't cost an arm and a leg to get it going.  It's always sumthin'!

Toes crossed that the weather has finally changed and that we will see some real spring.  Only a few more weeks until I move plants out to the deck.  Clean-up is in progress!

As always stay safe. and thanks for stopping by.................*s*


  1. A brilliant idea to watch it in the fish pond.

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    We had great weather and also clear and sunny and viewed the eclipse. Guess we are into real spring season now.
    Potting plants have been moved from the greenhouse to the patio by a strong teenager as Pieter no longer can manage that.
    Love your butter dish!


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