Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Gave Up!

I actually broke down and bought some daffodils, since those in my yard are showing no inclination to bloom.  The ones out in the yard near the shed are up about an inch.......some day, grasshopper, some day.

The crocuses are starting to bloom; hopefully there will be many more in the next week or two.

The sun is coming out so I will be able to work downstairs later on.  I'm putting up a new set of shelves I bought when they were on sale in January.

There are piles of clay to wedge.  I may put Proge to work on them.....he will be thrilled!

As always thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. Nice to see flowers....even in pot :)
    still snowing here.....
    Good studio time and audio book!

  2. Crocus and other sweet little snowdrops are up indeed :)

  3. it has been bone chilling cold here for days but the flowers are still in full bloom.

  4. The daffodils are beautiful, even if you had to buy them! Mine have bloomed in scattered bits, never enough to pick a bunch. As Meredith said, it's been cold here. Sadly, the frost got to the Japanese Magnolia. I am so anxious for spring this year!!!!

  5. While you are eagerly awaiting spring I am dreading the onset of winter. It's slow this year...another total fire ban today due to excessive heat and wind. We will be lighting the fire soon enough though. I must plant my spring bulbs.

  6. Hi Sandy....Have you seen the snow Hanna McAndrew is getting in Scotland? It's going on world wide!

    Hi Gary....My snowdrops disappeared this year!

    Hi Meredith...I'm really glad that early bulbs will survive terrible weather!

    Hi Michele...So sorry to hear about your Japanese Maple. Many flowering shrubs are in trouble here.

    Hi JB......I hope at least you get some wet weather to alleviate the heat and wind problem. I live on the edge of a state management forest...in summer fires are a huge worry! Get those bulbs in....boy does that look strange to write!

  7. Correction Michele I meant Japanese Magnolia


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