Sunday, March 24, 2013

Manatees Redux

It's sort of spring so in some way my thoughts have turned to manatees.  Who knows why.  These are whistles...although in the photo they might easily be mistaken for fetal pigs.  Unfortunately the big one blew up in the kiln.  I can only assume that he was not quite dry.  I haven't had anything blow up in years!

And yes, for those of you who might wonder, that is the Stark dire wolf on the tote bag I got with the dvd of Game of Thrones second season.  Hey, I've never denied my essential nerd! Season three starts next week!

We have sun today with hints of spring.  The crocuses (croci?) are up, budded and trying to bloom.  I'm still hoping for daffodils in time for Easter!  Hah!

I'm going to hurry and get this on Mud Colony;  there's nothing like coming in just under the wire.  Take a look there is always something to peruse there.

Enjoy the day and as always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. I thought they looked like they were beached manatees until I read fetal pigs!
    Jeff has started to watch Game of Thrones on DVD... I haven't gotten into. I think we start watching it too late and TV tends to put me to sleep.

  2. They are so cute. Here we have spring in the air I hope. Have a nice start to the week.


  3. I thought they were new born kittens or puppies! lol I have never seen manatees in person! We had snow yesterday and freezing everyday. The coldest March in 50 years. Now there is the prospect of White Easter!

  4. Hi Suzi,

    They are cute and shame that you had one blow up in the kiln.
    Hope that the snow has gone away and you will have daffodils for Easter.

    Happy new week

  5. Hi Michelle....I record anything I watch after 9:00 PM I am so prone to falling asleep.

    Hi Elna...Spring is trying to start....more snow expected tonight!

    Hi Midori...White Easter?! The thought alone is making me shiver!

    Hi Carolyn.....I finally broke down and bought some daffodils!

  6. Love seeing your manatees; we were going to go on a boat trip but the weather didn't cooperate, next time; we would have seen the manatees in the bay if we had. We are getting a cool down; thanks for checking up on me, very, very tired today after all the company, tomorrow is another story.

  7. Hi Linda....I gathered it was company after reading your latest post. Company is fun, but it can be tiring!

    Hi Gary.....But you are the master of cuties!

  8. No we don't have spring yet. More snow is coming sigh.



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