Sunday, April 28, 2013

It Must Be Spring!

Timothy Turtle is out by the pond.  I made this fellow several years ago.  He is the one I was not terribly satisfied with, but  entered into Earthworks to get a crit from that year's juror James Lawton.  I almost fell over when I heard that he had given it fourth place.  He felt the successful parts outweighed the unsuccessful.  I am still not comfortable with selling Timothy so he gets to sit out by the pond every year as soon as the weather warms up.  

The turkeys are mating so they have been wandering in and out of the yard and woods.....

 Which led to Winter's discovery of a great new activity......Rolling in Turkey Poop!

Which needless to say led to a trip to the rain closet.

 Sometimes it's just better to push the towels aside and finish drying off on Aloysius!

I've been busy rolling out tiles for the stove surround and for the workshop I will be giving this summer.  Pictures of tiles are about as interesting as watching grass grow so I'll leave it at that.

Oh, and a shout out to Jenny Mendes who has a studio visit in the May Ceramics monthly.

This post will also be over at Mud Colony......everyone should take a look at clay around the world.

Sunny days here in Southern New England.......I hope they are sunny wherever you read this.

As always, thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. Thanks for your sunny wishes! It is cold and grey over here! At least I know where the sun is smiling... That turtle is amazing! It looks so real and I must say I really like it! I wonder what those tiles around the stove look like... Happy Sunday to you! CHrista

  2. that is a sweet turtle... now that we know it is spring I will look for one of those around here.

  3. Love the turtle! Yard work in the rain today but happy to be out in the yard...... Looks like i'v been for a roll in the turkey poop :)

  4. So nice that Timothy comes out from hibernation every year! He looks a fun! Uh oh. Rolling in poo! Ours enjoy this special canine activity, which make us despair!

  5. Timothy is very nice. What a great picture of your cat and dog. Have a nice start to the week.


  6. Had to laugh at the turkey poop story. Is your pup a heeler? So cute. We roll in all manner of thongs here, but the worst is racoon!!!!! Timothy is adorable. I am sure he makes the pond a happier place. xox

  7. Hi Christa......I hope the sun comes soon for you.

    Hi Meredith...We don't have many turtles around here, except for a baby snapper last year that we quickly moved, so I make my own.

    Hi Sandy....I usually look like that after recycling clay.

    Hi Midori....Poop rolling seems to be a favorite activity of poochies.

    Hi Elna.....Winter and the kitties are always good for interesting photos.

    Hi Corrine....Winter is half corgi and half something else; we haven't had the joy of raccoons!

  8. a bit of a late srping this year, isn't it?

  9. Hi Gary....Truer words were never spoke!


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