Sunday, April 3, 2016


My brother Bob would have celebrated his eighty-fourth birthday today.

This is a very old photo taken ca 1943/44 during the Cherry Blossoms.  He is with our paternal grandmother Lydia Wiggett Caswell.  I have a feeling the year was 1943 because my mother always said the cherry trees bloomed late the year I was born, which was about a week later. Yes, that is the Jefferson Memorial in the background across the tidal basin.

We are having a strange day of snow with whiteouts, sun, sleet and wind!

Stay warm and dry in the coming cold week!

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  1. How sweet to share your love with your brother...and grandmother, and cherry blossoms!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Michele.....When I was little I used to love looking at old photos. Well! I still do!

  3. Dearest Suzi,
    Such photos are so precious and the story with it is great too. You see that we long can remember certain things that parents told us... Very special!
    I too am fanatically scanning my photos and I was making good progress, about one third is done, the most difficult part I would say too. Coming now are often photos that I got already digital from slides, prints and slides from one roll we did for years. It is good for the soul to relive such fond memories from the past!
    But today when our Spooky boy came home from the Animal Clinic, that took some of my time as did filling out papers about a sales tax error from the Georgia State. Aggravating and on top of that when I requested my website designer close down my business email account due to unreal spamming, he also mentioned that by the end of the month he wants to get out of that website design and maintenance business completely. Great; so I have to move everything elsewhere...! Always something thwarting your plans isn't it?!
    But life goes on and somehow we will manage it all.
    Hugs and blessings to you and yes, I briefly spoke to my eldest first cousin who turned 84 today...
    Tomorrow I call her again in The Netherlands as she had lots of guests and could not really talk. Time difference is not easy.

    1. Hi Mariette.....I have been following Spooky's progress on your Facebook posts. Toes crossed that he is getting better. He looks like such a sweet little guy.
      I have been trying to get all our family photos together, with captions. Because nothing is more frustrating than looking at a picture and knowing these are relatives with no idea of how they are related .
      It seems that there is always something to throw up a barrier to our best placed plans!
      Enjoy a long cozy chat with your sister.
      Cold and snowy this week. It feels more like February than April!

  4. I wonder how people felt about those trees during WW2? (because they had been a gift from Japan)

    1. Hi Gary....When I got older I always thought it was one of those really strange bits of life.


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