Monday, January 30, 2017

Soft Slabs

I've been having fun working with soft slabs.  

I take the clay I recycle into a very thick slip and put down a puddle on several sheets of paper.  I use a bench scraper to smooth it out to a more or less uniform thickness.  I then let it dry enough so I can work with the slab without it being jello.  I painted on the hearts a little too soon, but I find the result interesting enough to want to experiment more.  I did use a form for this because the clay was not as dry as I initially thought it was.

I have made several, but this the first one I have kept.  Obviously it needs some finishing and clean up.  The rim needs rethinking and evening out enough so beverage does not spill when trying to drink.

I have not been posting much anywhere due to my poor, misused MacBook.  I do need to learn how to transfer stuff to my IPad.

The sun is fitfully trying to break through many gray clouds.  Well see, Grasshopper.....we'll see......

As always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. That has a wonderful, wonky quality, especially in the painted hearts. Would you be willing to post a little more about this process? You start with slip...?

    1. Hi Lori.....I'll try to take some photos next time!

  2. I never would have thought to pour out slip to create slabs! Very cool.

  3. Hi Michele...My slip is fairly thick, and you do need a good surface to dry it on.

  4. I too am curious about the slip, I try to recycle every bit of my slabs before recycling to minimize recycling. kind of like cleaning or which I don't like, lol

  5. Hi Linda...I laid out some new slabs yesterday. I'll do a 'how-to' post when they are strong enough to use.

  6. Dearest Suzi,
    It amazes me how you keep going by trying still new adventures in your clay making!
    Sorry to hear about your MacBook. Can't you get it resolved on line with an Apple support person? Hope you will.
    Sending you hugs and wish you could see our Japanese Magnolia tree blooming.

  7. Hi Marietta.....Exploring new ideas is a large part of what keeps me surviving the winter.


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