Sunday, January 8, 2017

More Snow

Yes, we did have a goodly amount of snow all day yesterday into the early hours of this morning.  So of course Aloysius had  to go out for his yearly snow expedition!  It was a lot deeper on the deck than he thought it would be.  I wish I had been able to catch the expression on his face when he landed in the snow bank!

The picture below was taken mid afternoon.  This is what it looked like until I went to bed.

And this is what the deck looked like when I went out around 9:30 this morning to clear a path to the bird feeder.  They are flocking to eat.  It is so important to keep feeders filled when the ground is covered.

We got between eight and ten inches.  Fortunately it's very light and fluffy so it should be easy to get out the driveway.

I've been hearing snow plows out on the road.  This is definitely a good thing.

Today is going to an indoor day.  If I can warm my studio up I want ti make some more forms for handbuilding.  I recommend indoors to one and all.

As always thanks fir stopping by.....*s*


  1. We had some ice and maybe 2" of snow... but you would think we had a blizzard! I think we were the only people in Seagrove that went out and cleared the driveway. We might be the only people that own a snow shovel ;-)

    1. Hi Michele....I remember a friend's comment years ago about snow in Washington, D.C., that wasn't that the roads were dangerous, but all the drivers who had no idea how to navigate in snow and ice!
      Being from N.H. I doubt you will ever want to get rid of the snow shovel!

  2. Now that is what I call a perfect snow. It is so funny to see how our pets react to the strange stuff. Callie is not amused and has no use for the cold that comes with it.

  3. Hi Patti....Our 4leggers do have odd reactions to the elements. We once had a cat who loved to sit in the wading pool and play with my son when he was just a tyke!

  4. we are indoors because it is too hot! over 32C today and still 24C at 11pm... your snow does look pretty...


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