Friday, December 6, 2013


I was decorating pots last nights and got to thinking about how often I repurpose stuff.

I rarely use hairspray but I find it invaluable in the studio.  I spray it on the raw glaze before I start painting to provide a stronger surface.  When I am mixing colors on the pot I use hairspray instead of water to move the color around.  I also spray lightly before I begin adding the black outlines.

Nylon coffee baskets are so useful for sieving small amounts of slip, clay, terra sig that I have at least six of them.  When I'm working I hate to stop and clean so they get dumped in a bucket of water until the end of the day.

And I can't forget popsicle sticks, I buy them by the thousand at craft stores when they go on sale.  They are strong enough to make small wooden tools, yet not so precious that I can't throw them out when they get worn.

When I was still teaching my students would often say that Benny's, the local hardware/auto supply store, was my favorite pottery supply.  Chamois and sea wool sponges, for example, are always much cheaper than ordering through a pottery supply place.

Here is our post Thanksgiving turkey hot off the grill.  I took this in the dark with my little fill flash.  I am always surprised that it's possible to stake photos at night.  Last night I made turkey lasagna with a sauce made from leftover creamed onions, mushrooms, ricotta with a layer of parmesian and cheddar on top.  I still think no boil lasagna noodles are one of the great gifts to the modern cook.

Sadly this is the last week of Mud Colony. Go over and see what we are up to in the world of clay.

 Kudos and thanks to Adriana for providing such a wonderful site......and we can still meet up on Facebook!

Enjoy the holidays you celebrate;  there seems to be something to celebrate every day.....Not least of which is clay buddies around the world.

As always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Gary.....Thanks. I think I have finally figured out how to get consistent good results!

  2. Aquanet, my mother's go to and yes as a fixative it's wonderful. I always thought the whole house would catch on fire with that stuff. Barbecued turkey looked fabulous. xox

    1. Hi Corrine....I first started using Aquanet when I was in drawing classes. I could get it unscented with a pump spray. Do you have memories of drawing classes filled with fixative filling the air?

  3. turkey lasagna? omg, that sounds so delicious.

    1. Hi Michele...It was delicious and easy too. I added the rest of the turkey gravy to the sauce....very tasty indeed.

  4. I am like you! I do repurpose things and I do like it. It saves money and resources. One should do that more! ---- That turkey looks delicious! I have never tried to cook one but maybe I should. Unfortunately it is not (yet) very popular over here although one can buy them frozen at the end of October till end of December. Have a joyous 2nd advent! Christa

    1. Hi Christa....It amazes me how often we can repurpose if just use a little imagination and ingenuity.
      I don't think I would bother with turkey unless you can get a fresh one. Some people say there is not difference, but there is! I would stick with goose or duck.....which is what we do for Christmas!
      And a joyful second advent to you and yours!

  5. Dearest Suzy,
    Oh, hairspray does come in handy; also for laundering a shirt with ink stain; just spray hairspray on and it vanishes when laundered! Like you, I don't use it for my hair...
    Your turkey looked great and indeed, you are so talented for making such a great platter yourself.
    Hugs and happy weekend; happy 2nd Advent.

    1. Hi Mariette.....My mother taught me the stain removal trick....which makes me wonder what is in it and why would I put it on my hair.
      Getting the platters to work again has been a long haul.
      Happy 2nd Advent to you and Pieter.

  6. turkey lasagna sounds delicious; years ago I made home made pot pies, nothing better than home made. What great ideas for the use of hairspray and the coffee filter, I am sure to use them both in the future.

    1. Hi Linda....Lasagna has become a go-to thing for us since we discovered no-boil lasagna noodles.
      I hope you have a studio soon; I miss your stuff.

  7. Hi Suzi,

    It is good to find tools and things to make your job easier.
    Yum the turkey looks so good and a great idea to make lasanga with the leftovers.
    Happy week

    1. Hi CarolynI..... Repurposing seems to be a natural instinct with some people.
      Enjoy the day.

  8. I love the idea of the coffee mesh baskets. I never would have thought of that! And it would be the perfect size to mix a cup full of glaze..

    Can you elaborate more on how you use the hairspray? You said you use it on the raw glaze..What do you mean? Do you glaze the pot then apply the hairspray? I've heard it works for re-glazing as well. Do you have any experience with this?

    Found you via Clay Blog Review...and so glad I did! :)



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