Monday, August 8, 2016

All Cracked Up

And not in a good or happy way!

I fired this mug in my last firing.  It was bisqued at ^04 and glazed at ^05.  The crack is along the join and appeared after I used it several times.  The join was visible on the inside so I had my suspicions!  There are also cracks on other mugs that I fired the same way.

Right now I blame the clay body and the fact that I may be making them too thin. Possibly I shouldstart making thicker slabs.  I don't like doing this as I have always liked making think mugs and cups.

I may need to overlap rather than butt the clay edges against each other.  

Could I add a hand full of frit #3124 to the clay?

It's always sumthin'!

Sunny, warm with no rain in sight.......We'll see, Grasshopper....we'll see......

As always, thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. What a bummer after all the hand painting. I hope you are able to solve the cracking issue.
    We had a long dry spell in Seagrove, but I heard that it has rained nearly everyday since we left for NH. Now they are having flooding. Like you said... it's always sumthin'!

    1. Hi Michele...A bummer indeed!
      Toes crossed that the sale went well!

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Sorry I cannot help you out with this...
    We're having evening showers that interfere with our usual bike ride but we do welcome any rain of course; so much needed!
    Sending you summer hugs,

    1. Hi Mariette.....Commiseration is always appreciated!
      We have little showers but need more rain. We have had cloudy days after some of the nighttime showers so at least the moisture has time to sink in and not burn off immediately!

  3. what nuisance... I hope you can get it sorted, that's a lovely design.

    1. Hi Anna....The nuisance factor is high with this one.

  4. Did it crack along the join, or just start at a random place along the rim?

    1. Hi Lori....This one cracked along the join, others from the same firing are showing random rim cracks.
      I thought I knew which clay this was, but now I am not sure. I thought it was a new to me terra cotta that i had remoistened, but it may have been old slop, which can be problematic.


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