Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lucky Peach

This little mama showed up with her kittens about a week ago.  We think she had them under a low rooflet that shelters a lot of my clay.  The area behind the buckets is very dry with lots of cozy leaves.
She began bringing them out about four days ago. 

 We have no idea what she has been eating but she was pretty skinny so of course we put food out for her.  We still can't get close to her, but now we have figured out a way to put out food without scaring her away.

She will look at us curiously when we look out the second floor windows.  She looks like she wants to come but is just too skittery.

So yesterday I told her she looks like a little peach, then began calling her Lucky Peach.  Now mama has a name.  We hope to keep her and take the kittens, when they are weaned, to a no-kill shelter.

I think cats have secret signs they post that let others know that this a good place for kitties.

As always thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. aw, look at those sweet little ones and the one dark one so beautiful, thank you for taking care of them all.

  2. They're darling. You might be happier with a kitten, cause mom is probably going to stay feral. I have done this fostering of wild litters, and kits are so much more adaptable. It's also a task to catch and spay a feral mom, but definitely feels worth it in the end.

  3. Dearest Suzi,
    Well, I believe so in cats being able to communicate and talk about their humans.
    For a fact we have our own six and then the neighbor cat from across the street loves to linger on or near the driveway. Two houses down the road are two cats and they love to visit ours!
    Animals do communicate and they love to socialize and why can't they have friends just like we have?
    A sad fact is when they get kittens at an early age. Kitty mom... She's so lucky for having found you!

  4. gosh poor little thing with all those babies to feed... glad you are taking care of them


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