Saturday, August 11, 2018


Then:  Ringo a bit less than a year ago shortly after we decided to keep him and Grayby along with LuckyPeach. It's hard to believe that he was small enough to fit in a flower pot. 

And here he is today, almost a year later.  He now weighs about fifteen pounds and is even fluffier than his pictures show.  This is about as dignified as he gets.

He is more likely to be lolling around on his back, even when he sleeps, waiting for tummy rubs.

His full name has morphed into Sir Ringo the Magnificent.  He has been magnificent for most of his life,  The sir was added when Ringo Starr was knighted.

It's a good thing he enjoys being brushed and combed because it's a necessary part of his daily upkeep.

He and Grayby have discovered it's fun to attack my feet while I am sleeping.  I need a kevlar blanket!

We are having a weekend of rain which is not a bad thing.  It just means that outside work is curtailed.

As always, thanks for stopping by....................*s*


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Lori.....His charm is one of his redeeming qualities. 🤭

  2. wow, Sir Ringo really grew, and he is beautiful; Bonkers also likes feet and baby teeth are sharp.

    1. Hi Linda.....He is still growing. Love seeing Bonkers; he looks like he could be a kitty cousin.

  3. Such a beautiful animal...except for the feet attacks.

    1. Hi Barb.....I dreamt crabs were attacking my feet last night!

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    Oh, your Sir Ringo has changed into a full-grown big cat but a happy and lucky one.
    Our 2nd cat here in the USA did attack my toes from the back of the bed, getting under the down duvet and biting into my big toe when I was just falling asleep. Bet he sat there waiting for the moment... Little devils at times.

    1. Hi Mariette......I don’t know how cats know when we are on the edge of sleep. It must be some sort of cat sense. I had one once who would lick my ear when I was almost asleep, sort of like having an ear sandpapered!


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