Thursday, August 23, 2018


Happiness is my tea order from Upton Tea.  I ordered it Saturday.  It arrived Tuesday afternoon.

This should be enough for a couple of months.

We are in a period of clouds, rain, and sun.  The rain stopped and the sun is out so I will go outside while I can.
As always, thanks for stopping by..................*s*


  1. We are finally having a sunny day with no humidity or rain. It feels great to have windows open and fresh air. Enjoy your tea!

  2. Hi Michele....We are finally enjoying a few days of warm with low humidity, or so we are promised. Just to keep things interesting the pool pump started leaking yesterday afternoon. Turns out to be the gasket around the impeller housing. Easily replaced, but it’salways Sumthin’! 🤭

  3. Oh hope the gasket is easy to replace! I've got a bunch of loose leaf tea, since my Christmas present is "Tea of the Month." I haven't finished one container yet. But today I did drink some green tea.

    1. Hi Barb....Fixing the gasket was a piece f cake. I don’t drink coffee; it really does terrible things to my digestion. Not the case with tea, which I drink all day, weak and cold with maybe a touch of citrus.

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    Having everyday our cup of hot tea is a ritual, several times a day I must say! Only coffee for breakfast, at least for me...
    We still had good weather but had no time for biking today. Got quite a load of new-found letters and cards scanned. Yep, Pieter had a box sitting on the top shelf in his workshop. Had to get up on a step for reaching it and then I noticed it was heavy. Filled with cards and letters. Some more treasures saved, letters from my Mom and Pieter's brothers who all have passed on...
    Wishing you a happy week with sunshine!

    1. Hi Mariette.....I drink tea most of the day. As I mentioned to Barb, coffee is a big NO for me. Funny, I do love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
      We have spent the better part of the summer cleaning up from last winter’s windstorms and the caterpillar devastation. Toes crossed the summer continues for a bit so we can enjoy our work.


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