Friday, June 28, 2019


The ospreys have built a nest on top of a construction crane by the river in Westerly.  It's a good distance away so I extended my lens to its fullest and then cropped a bit.

In the first photo you can see the adult with the baby behind.  If I had been quick enough I could have shot the other adult bringing food to the baby.

The second photo is a shot of the nest on top the crane.

I have seen osprey nests on telephone poles, and cell phone towers, but this is a first.

Have great weekend, and as always, thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. Dearest Suzi,
    You're so happy for having them somewhere near you!
    We only observed them from up close near the hotel we stayed with our foster-daughter and friend in 2004 after she graduated from University and came from Indonesia to the USA...

    1. Hi Mariette....Ospreys are actually fairly common around here, unlike back when Proge was a baby and the only nest for miles around was on the pond where we were living.

  2. That's fantastic. I do hope the crane people know enough to wait till the babies have flown the coop, er crane. Great capture of wildlife in an urban setting.

    1. Hi Barb....The crane hasn’t moved in months. Ospreys are protected so people are pretty aware.

  3. Those big birds are amazing to watch. Like Barbara said, I hope they don't need to move the crane anytime soon!

  4. Hi Michele...I love watching them. We have a nest about a half mile away; fortunately they seem to regards our fish pond as small beans.


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