Friday, June 7, 2019


The perennials have been blooming like mad this year.  I think all the rain and the relatively mild winter have had a great deal to do with it.

My poppys are the best they have been in years, helped by the fact that monsoons have not beaten them to a pulp as soon as they bloom.

Columbine and yellow flags are blooming by the pond.  It's a very pleasant place to sit and drink morning tea.  The two oak trees that shaded it are gone, but the swamp maples are big enough to do the job.

Clean up progresses slowly.  We'll  see, grasshopper......

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. how wonderful, someday I hope to grow poppies, have you ever heard of the blue himalayan poppy, huge and to die for; my bee balm has taken over my whole perennial garden, crowding out most of the others.

    1. Hi Linda...I’ve tried the blue poppies and failed...expensively!

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Wow, you are to be envied for such poppies!
    Just coincidence that for the past couple of days we've been seeing lots of beautiful poppies in the wild. We're not in Georgia!
    You will read more later...
    It certainly did bring back fond childhood memories for me. We used to have lots of them in the fields and also the blue corn flowers.
    Hugs and ENJOY your flowers!

    1. Hi Mariette...I love poppies for their colors and the way they look like they are made up of tissue paper. I did see California poppies growing in wild masses when I was visiting in California.

  3. Oh I've never been able to grow Columbine...and they are so delicate. Love the poppies!

  4. Hi Barb...My columbine are more of the wild variety and reseed like crazy. They only thing they don’t like is flooding in winter.

  5. I love poppies but have never planted any. Maybe next year! Your flowers look great.

  6. Hi Michelle....These were planted many years ago. Once they establish themselves they go forever.


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