Thursday, October 24, 2019


Yes indeed.  My sunflowers are coming into bloom.

They sprouted in a birdfeeder after days of rain in September.  I transplanted some of the strongest into a planter so I could bring it inside if it it got too cold.  Here on the south side of the house it has stayed nice and warm.

I think next spring I will scatter lots of sunflower seeds around and see what happens.

As always, thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. Great idea...the sunflower I got (and saved seeds from) was a giant. Enjoy spring in the "inside" for winter! My plants all came inside last night.

  2. I always try to winter over outdoor plants. So far I have petunias, calibrochia, and marigolds. Some years I have kept the petunias going into the following summer.

    Nights are still in the 40’s here so I am bringing plants in at my leisure.

  3. Dearest Suzi,
    At times flowers can be so rewarding to us and it is a joy to see them bloom at odd months.

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  5. Hope they are able to mature. We are heading into summer here and a very dry one. The drought has been going so long there is a shortage of sunflower seeds for the sellers of bird seed and it is being imported :(

  6. I love sunflowers. This year I had the giant ones. Next year I want plant a variety so that i can cut some.

  7. some glad your late starts are blooming.


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