Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bugs and Winter

Ah box elder beetles, or as we used to call them Halloween Bugs!  Thanks to Gary and the bugs at his house, and hopefully not mine, for the reminder.  I made these little whistles as my version of the bug.  The neat thing about making whistles is that they can be little projects that can be done in a few minutes.  By using commercial glazes I can once fire  and get fast results.  Pottery is not something that lends itself to instant gratification, but this comes close.  

I've been looking at more bugs, scarabs in particular.  Tomato hornworms are disgusting on plants but they have a lot of the dragon in them.....actually, I think they are closer to Godzilla.....Godzilla Bugs......how appropriate!

Winter came outside with us yesterday when we were working in the yard.  At first she didn't quite know what to do.  Then she started finding all sorts of good smells.  She probably has not been outside much, so there is a lot to explore.  One wonderful thing is that she asks to go out when she needs to go.  She had one accident in the house and that was due more to our not understanding her signals, than her misbehavior.

Winter in the daffodils

I've been experimenting with slow rise breads.  I use 1/4 tsp. dry yeast to make a starter and let it ferment, then add flour to make a soft dough.  It ends with being baked in a hot cast iron dutch over.  Generally it makes a wonderful, chewy loaf.

This time I had way too much dough so I took some of it and made it into a cross between pizza and foccacio.  Topped it with caramalized onions, mushrooms and, at the end, a Kerrygold gouda type cheese.  It was delicious.  Next time I may add anchovies.  Yes, I know many people gag at the thought of anchovies.  But I love the salty, fishy undertones they give to a dish.  

Found this poem on NPR.  It may insult some lovers of the green, but I find it appropriate.

Drowning the Shamrock by Frank Delaney

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  1. I'd love to start baking bread, it always smells so good and the dutch oven is one of my favorite pots to cook in but it's just too hot now. Maybe next winter.
    Great picture of Winter in the flowers.

  2. I love anchovies too, I used to make Cesear salad quite a bit years ago I may have to make some soon as you have reminded me. I saw a group of bugs yesterday I wonder if they are box elder's? I'll have to take a photo of them, they were orange and black I think.

  3. Oh, now you have me wanting to bake bread. The smell is worth the effort.
    I do think the horn worm is quite impressive.

  4. I like that bug!
    I made bread today- I make bread at least once a week sometimes two- you just can not find better bread than that that comes from your oven!

  5. Hi Lori...I bake bread on my grill in the summer.

    Hi Linda...I haven't had Caesar salad in years...good reminder.

    Hi Patti....The smell of baking bread is seductive.

    Hi Meredith....Thanks, there are some pretty interesting bugs out there. I agree that you cannot find better than what you make.

  6. my bugs.....yess...my bugs :( hey, I LOVE THIS DOG of yours oh yes I do :)

  7. Hi Gary....more bugs to come...thinking of using wire for legs and antennae. I think Winter has grown since we brought her home. We are curious to see how big she will be as there is not any info on papa dog.


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