Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time Fugits

Life has been getting in the way of life.

I finished the little house.  I'm going to take it outside and photograph it in the woods later today.

We are enjoying a spell of warm weather.  It's supposed to be up in the sixties today...but windy.  With any luck we should be able to take the covers off pool and pumps soon. Oh joy.

Aloysius has decided that I am his climbing post/resting stop.....very difficult to write with his nips of love.

Thanks for stopping by...........-s-


  1. the house is beautiful and will look great photographed in the woods. we have a friend in NH who makes wood fired houses and he has them tucked into the woods along the very long dirt driveway to his home. i don't have great pictures but here is a link to a blog post i did some years ago:

  2. Wow!! The house looks amazing!

  3. Suzie - your house is wonderful! I love the shape and the colors you used! Just fabulous.

    It's warm here (GA) in the 70's with the crazy March wind howling! But then typical March - it'll rain and be cool again before we finally stay warm.

  4. That house is adorable. Gnomes will be lining up to claim it.

  5. What in the heck, I left a message here earlier and it's gone, your house is great and I think photos in the forest would be wonderful, a little hobbit, elf, or fairy house.

  6. OOOoooooooh! The absolute prettiest little house!

  7. That house looks like it was made to be in the woods. I can picture it on a wide tree branch or a bed of moss. It's adorable.

  8. Hi Michele...that is a great post....what magical little houses...thanks.

    Hi Connie....we'll see, grasshopper, we'll see.

    Hi Judy....thanks, temps are dropping today, but not to winter.

    Thanks Patti.....I think there's a holly gnome out in the woods.

    Hi Linda...sometimes my posts disappear magic failure!

    Hi Gary.....thanks


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