Friday, March 30, 2012


I don't quite know how to deal with this, but I am having no success in posting comments on other bloggers sites.  I keep getting error message bX-cyOoum.  Is anyone else having this problem and know how to fix it?  Or is it a Blogger problem?  I guess we will have to communicate by email.......since I/we can't post comments.


  1. Last time blogger had this problem, I found that if I signed in and unchecked the "stay signed in" box, it would let me leave comments. Not sure if that's the fix this time, but maybe worth a try. You might also check out the blogger forums to see if others are having the problem -- that's where I learned the above fix last time. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Barbara, your fix seems to have solved the problem. :-D

  3. I really, really hate the new method of words- really blogger could you just make it harder?
    I have had problems as well.

  4. barbaradononvan's fix worked for me. Thanks to you both for posting.

  5. Glad you've got it solved, it is very frustrating when such things go wrong. I must agree with Meredith (cooking with gas) the new words method is really hard, and I often find some of the letters almost impossible to work out...., but maybe I am a robot!

  6. Hi Meredith....I agree, this new word system is a royal PITA.....

    Hi Lori....glad it worked for you....what a pain!

    Hi Peter....Sometimes if the words are too frustrating, I hit the little arrow on the right and cycle until I find something I can read!


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