Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teapot and........

I've been looking at this teapot that I made last fall.  I am experimenting with thrown, altered forms.   The handle needs work.  I like the shape and the arc, but viewed head on it looks weak.  When I pick it up, it doesn't feel right for the pot.  It isn't going to break, but I would be happier with a broader, visually stronger handle. 

When I alter forms I aim for asymmetry.  I wish I had whacked it a bit more.  I would like the left side to be rounder.  It works better in the front view.  The right side should be higher and plumper.  I generally do prototypes in groups of three.  This was a bowl I was not happy with so I started fooling around with altering it.  Sometimes my best ideas come from the end of the day, what am I going to do with this, nothing to lose space I get into.  Sometimes things just fall apart.

Late spring has returned to early spring.  It was down in the 20's last night and I lit a fire in the wood stove this morning.  It's quite windy so I think it's going to be an indoor day.

One of my passion flower vines has started blooming and the jasmine is coming into bud.....so it feel springy in the sun room.

In a week or so I am going to try starting moonflowers and heavenly blue morning glories.  Last year spring was so cold and wet that my seedlings never had a chance.  Sometimes the magic works; sometimes it doesn't.

 Winter is getting along quite happily with two of out three cats.  That's KikiLaSois in the middle and The Friendly Kitty on the right.  We have to keep an aye on this arrangement as the cats are fully capable of pushing Winter out of her bed and taking it over for themselves.  She was bold enough this morning to sit on Friendly when Friendly wouldn't get out of the way.

 I have generally had big to huge dogs, so to have a sort of cat sized dog is a new, fun experience.

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  1. Well - first - I love that pile of pets - Winter looks right at home.
    And I love your teapot form, one thing when I looked at it I thought about reversing the spout and the handle???? I used to love banging and stretching and making new forms. Your making me want to open a bag of clay . . . .

  2. Hi Judy....thanks...like the idea of reversing handle and spout....when the downstairs warms up again I think I'm going to do a series of five....more room to experiment.

    And, yes, I think you should open a bag of clay. I bet you would find a lot of changes in your work after working so much with design, words and color.

  3. This teapot reminds me of one of those I dream of Jeanie lanterns somehow. I bang my pinch pots with the back of a wooden spoon to wack them into shape. The colors is rather interesting, Is the color the color of the clay or is it fired that color?

  4. Hi there, thanks for your visit. I'm just back from glazing my recent ceramic work, and notice you like to work along similar lines. It's late here in Sweden, and off to bed soon, but will be back and look some more at your work. //Lisbeth

  5. Hi Linda...I never really watched I Dream of Jeannie, but I've been drawn to Aladdin lamps since I was very young. The clay body I use is a terra cotta fired to^04...it's a wonderful, toasty color. White glazes get a very warm look on it.

    Hi Lisbeth...thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I'm on the east coast of the USA...so I think you are about six hours earlier thanI am.

  6. I love the way the side view looks, it makes me think of a magic lantern that might hold a genie. Maybe try being more deliberately asymmetrical with the sides? I'm not sure what to suggest about the handle, it's difficult when they look great but feel wrong. I'm sure you'll figure something out.

  7. My goodness I LOVE your dog and cats, oh myyyyyyy :)

  8. Hi Lori...thanks...I think it just has to be more!

    Hi Gary....cute aren't they?


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