Friday, March 9, 2012

Daffodils and....Discoveries

Spring is on the way.  The daffodils started blooming yesterday.  Yeaaaaa!  

My studio is usable again.  I made a couple of mugs and started a turtle and discovered that before I go any further I have got to rethink my studio set-up.  I have plenty of shelves but I need to make areas that are cat proof. latest plan is to switch the stuff I use for handbuilding forms and my other  equipment to the shelves that are currently used for wares and vice versa.  Sometimes I have a brain block about the most appropriate ways to use a space...old habits die hard.

It's will officially be spring in about a week and a half.  Best time to clean!  Get the dust out of all the nooks and crannies both real and metaphorical!

Thanks for stopping by......-s-


  1. Definitely important to have a functional workplace. Sometimes I wish I could have Nate Berkus come in and just do it for me. :)

  2. daffodils! bring on Spring! i need a magical fairy to come in and clean my studio while i sleep... i can't seem to get around to tidying these days.

  3. thinking of using the yard vacuum in the studio..... the winter accumulation is something to behold and there will be woodchuck holes to fill with smashed pots. They are probably making mosaics by now.

    Wow your daffs look fantastic! I was excited our are up about 4"!!

  4. I've been reorganizing and I know just what you mean. I get used to a certain place for things and am resistant to change, but then I see a new way is much more functional and may actually store more work rearranged. Oh the daffodils are wonderful; I think it may be too warm here for lots of bulbs.

  5. I got to open the windows yesterday it was in the high 60's here in New England!!

    I just unloaded a new kiln load of shiny spring creations.

    :-} Lorraine

  6. Hi Michele...if you find the magical cleaning fairy please post the web site!

    Hi Sandy....I like the idea of the yard vac...I was considering the leaf blower, myself.

    Hi Linda....Proge told me to consider the room from a different viewpoint....I stood on a ladder. You need cold weather to get daffodils to sister used to store them in her refrigerator for a few months.

    Hi Lorraine....and then it got cold...did you get snow? We just had rain.

  7. The down side to reading blogs from the other side of the world is, as you are eagerly awaiting the onsegt of spring, that means that winter is on the way here. Autumn first of course but it is going to get colder. It's not fair we had such a cold summer. I must put my daffodil bulbs in the ground so I can enjoy their beauty in spring.


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