Sunday, March 18, 2012


This is Winter. She's just about twelve weeks old, a corgi cross with no idea who the papa is.  We brought her home from the rescue place in Connecticut after, thanks to Google Maps an adventure in finding the place.  (They had us take an exit that led us all over creation.  When we finally found the place after the excellent instructions from strangers, we found we were about five minutes from the nearest exit.  I find this is pretty common for Google; the directions from my house to RT95 are a labyrinth.)

Winter was puppy named Stella, but we weren't up for Streetcar Named Desire imitations.....and Winter seems so appropriate.  She has a brown patch on her back and will have spots on her ears.  She is sweet but shy.  Friendly sat beside her last there doesn't seem to be a cat problem.  We are more concerned with the cats bullying the dog.

We are normally big dog people...weighing anywhere from 80 (Breezy, the white shepherd) to 175 (Truce the Irish Wolfhound).  But I have a friend with three corgis and have fallen for them.  Big dogs in little dog bodies is how she describes them.  

I am still working on the studio.  Right now it's in the stage where it looks like a cyclone hit it.  Usually that means I am nearing the end of cleaning with a lot of tossing out between now and then.

Proge bought the first season of Game of Thrones, so I have immersed myself in a world of fantasy.  I am suitably impressed.  The production is gorgeous to watch and the characters and stories engaging.  But then I have always enjoyed George R.R. Martin.  His is the only vampire novel I have ever liked, and The Monkey Treatment takes dieting to a whole new level.  I just have to careful that my work doesn't become overly peopled by swords and dragons! Hah!

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  1. sweet looking pup there-cleaning is a chore! We have been cleaning the house-ugh!

  2. Winter looks very shy, is she full grown or just a pup? She looks a bit like a chihauhua too. We wanted to get a corgi at one time, but now cats are enough for us. It is hard to travel with animals and we hope to again some day.

  3. Awww she is beautiful! Congratulations in finding her one lovely pup x

  4. So glad to see I wasn't the only one in fantasy land this weekend!!! That is one very cute puppy!!! I met a woman Friday with two little dogs in her gallery, and it really made me want to go get a little dog, mine's a big dog..... love the name, it's perfect.

  5. OH Yaaaaaaaaaaay baby pup, lucky YOU! Our neighbors across the street have a DELIGHTFUL corgi that I love almost as much as my own dog. Blogged it today, actually.....

  6. My husband dreams of having a corgi. And yes a big dog in a little dog body! Makes them so acceptable in big dog circles. ;)

  7. She's beautiful, congratulations.

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments about Winter. She went outside with us today and seemed to enjoy it. She's definitely a people dog.
    Thanks for stopping by, Anna.
    Hey Tracey, fantasy can really pull you in.


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