Friday, February 5, 2016

Weather.....or Not!

Yesterday it was cloudy and warm.  The fish were swimming happily in the pond.

Today we woke up to this!

Needless to say we are staying inside and going nowhere.  Even the mail will have to wait.

If a tantrum would do any good I would have one.  Alas, such is not the case!

  I am sure there will be people who will not listen; please don't be one of them!  Stay inside and don't drive!

Have a terrific week end, and as always, thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. Oh my's your turn! Glad you took that pic of the fish pond first...something to remind you that this too shall pass.

    1. Hi Barb....Snow is pretty normal for this time of year, but I have been lulled into denial by the warm days we have enjoyed!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Gary.....But remember; SPRING is on its way!

  3. a cold snap is coming this week to us and possible snow, the other night I swear I heard frogs chirping, hope they're ok, love your fish, they seem much bigger.

    1. Hi Linda....If it gets cold I hope you don't get any precipitation. Your driveway looks too dangerous to use in such conditions!
      The fish have been growing. Even the babies are bigger!

  4. A strange winter everywhere! Linda mentioned frogs... I have been hearing spring peepers in the early evening for about a week now.

  5. Dearest Suzi,
    What a difference that is from one day to the next!
    We too are facing some cold nights with frost and no sunshine during the day. Just dreary and gray looking. Not very inviting for a walk and I sure don't want to ask for getting back problems again!
    Hugs and happy week; regardless the weather.


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