Thursday, May 26, 2016

Toss It?

This is a prime example of why I am so hesitant about getting rid of studio stuff.

The tumblers are part of a set of plates, bowls, tumblers that I bought for my class of developmentally delayed adults.  They enjoyed working with different forms.  However, I have not even thought of them since I retired several years ago.

I had them in a box to go to the resale shop when I started looking at the gravy boat below.  I used to make these fairly often.  I never glazed this one due to too many cracks inside.  This was from a thrown bowl with the rim pinched together.  I cut a vee and inserted a slab like a gusset to make the spout with thrown and handbuilt additions.

Looked at the mugs and looked at the creamer and thought of handbuilding using the mug, and pinching the rim together and forming a spout.  These are easy to grab with one hand.  They will probably hold a bit over one cup when finished.

I like the one on the left better.  I cut part of the rim to make more of a curve in the top profile.  These two are just the beginning, but as usual I am enjoying exploring a new form.  I am not even sure where the creamer form came from.  Probably one of my books!I'm sure it has been done a thousand times over, but I am still enjoying making these.

We are supposed to have a super Memorial Day weekend.  Remember and celebrate all those who have given their lives fighting for us!

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. you are so creative combining throwing, pinching and additions.

    1. Hi Linda.....Thanks; variety is the spice of making.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Gary....LITTLE FEET....pittypat!

  3. I like the lines of that gravy boat!
    We are expecting nice weather tomorrow, but rain on Sunday and Monday. Maybe the beach-goers will leave early and come to Seagrove for pottery!

    1. Hi Michele....Thanks. Now that I've looked at it a bit I may try some variations!
      Toes crossed for lots of sales this week end!

  4. Dearest Suzi,
    It is always fun to unpack such old boxes and finding memories from bygone years. But it still did serve you quite well! The left one with the three little feet looks cute to me.
    Hugs and happy weekend!

    1. Hi Mariette....Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest places!
      Have terrific weekend!

  5. oh yes those old boxes can hold new treasures... quirky little feet on those new forms.. have fun pursuing further developments

  6. Dear Suzi,

    Always fun to find old treasures and love the little creamer jug you made. - the little feet are lovely.
    Hope you have a happy memorial weekend


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