Thursday, August 1, 2019


Not sure how that happened.  It feels like we were celebrating the Fourth with friends just last week

Here are a few of the new bunnies I have been making to wish all hares and rabbits!

 I have a very few day lilies that have not been scarfed up by the deer.  These are two of my favorites.  They have been sprinkled liberally with chili pepper dust.

I think this Oriental Alba is a surviver from the red beetle infestation of a few years ago.  It's tucked away next to the house.  It's probably a bulblet from the original plant.  The scent is wonderful.

And last, 'the littlest sunflower' or 'the little sunflower that could.'  It's growing next to a dead tree stump.  Obviously a bird feeder surviver!

Even though it was late getting started we are now enjoying summer.

Pottery, pool and popsicles!  That's the ticket!

As always thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. I like your three "P"s of summer. Good way to feel good.

    1. Toes crossed you are enjoying a great summer.

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    You're yielding a lot of day lilies and fragrant Oriental lily too! Wow, you're lucky because we used to have 3 of those Oriental whites and lost all of them. Had them planted beside the gazebo.
    That sunflower is a brave soul...
    Hate to see my latest blog post not showing up in the side line...
    So annoying and can't find any culprit for it. My Feedburner tells me it is okay... So what's next?!
    Hugs for a happy 1st August weekend.

  3. Hi Mariette...I lost a lot of lilium lilies to red beetle and caterpillars so this one is especially precious.
    I have yet to figure our blogspot. At one point I had to go into my blog a very roundabout way to post.
    Go figure! I know I sure can’t!

  4. love that oriental alba, so serene, I didn't know deer like daylilies, ours suffer due to lack of sun and our canna lily are terribly poor this year.

  5. Hi Linda....deer will eat almost anything they can. I think you have mentioned that you have had a lot of rain; my cannas always look terrible after rain.
    Toes crossed your farmers’ market went well.


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