Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Pinch Pots

Here is a rabbit/hare/bunny that I pinched out of a small cylinder of clay.

He was going to be a whistle but I let him get too dry.  I like my whistles to be on the edge of hard leather when I make them.

There is a lot wrong with him, including the mended foot, but he will be fine for design experiments.

Many of my potter friends on various FB pottery groups have been making coiled cone Christmas trees.

I built these two over bisqued cones wrapped newspaper. My clay was very wet and I was too impatient to dry it out a bit.  The smaller one is coils which I then smooshed  to get some surface movement.  The larger one is small wads of clay which I shaped as I applied them.

I remove the forms as soon as the clay has dried just a bit.  The newspaper stays in to provide a bit of support.  It removes easily when the trees are completely dry.

I have glazed these with three coats of Spectrum #799 Majolica White. The green in Mason Stain #6202 Florentine Green.

They will be single fired to ^05

We'll see, grasshopper...

As always, thanks for stopping by......*s*


  1. he looks like a baby rabbit to me, love the xmas trees; I didn't make any this year.

    1. Hi Linda...Thanks. His age sort of depends on the angle he is photographed from.
      This is the first time in years,like 25, that I have made trees. I’m finding them a fun quick project.

  2. I think he is adorable.Love the ears.
    I have tried to reach you via the email address on your profile but I don't think it is getting through.
    Congrats,you won the drawing and the book is yours but I need your mailing address.
    My email is pckelly@mvtel.net

    1. Hi Patti....Thanks.
      Your emails have been received; your address has come up as invalid when I have replied. Just sent you another a few minutes ago. I’ll try sending from my HotMail account.

  3. Oh he's adorable...and those look like great trees!

    1. Hi Barb...Thanks. Trees have gotten to be quite a thing this year.

  4. I've never made a rabbit or hare.. might have to give it a go one day. They were introduced from England to Australia and have become a pest like most introduced species sadly. I like your larger tree best, very tactile looking.

  5. Hi Anna...Thanks. One of the first things I learned about Austrailia was the rabbit introduction and subsequent disaster.

  6. Dearest Suzi,
    Your experimental artist side is to be admired as one can be surprised about different turn outs.
    Those look cute.


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