Monday, July 27, 2020


I haven't done a lot of clay this summer, but I have enjoyed messing around with some paper clay I made.  I added a bunch of mushed up and wrung out toilet paper to some recycled white earth. I beat the whole thing with an immersion blender until it was a smooth consistency, and let it dry to a workable body.

She is actually an awkward size, too big to comfortably hold, too small to work on easily on my stand.  Live and learn!

She is pinched and hollow.  One very nice thing about paper clay is that I can go back to it when it's too dry, moisten it, and continue to work.

The top photo is her more or less finished state.  In the bottom photo I have begun to add various coats of slip.  There's still a lot more to do.

We drained the pool and have been madly scrubbing.  Toes crossed we get water next week so we can enjoy a bit of swimming.  It's been time consuming as I am still building up my stamina but totally worth it.

It doesn't seem possible that we are in the last week of July.  Summer is passing way too quickly.

I do hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. Dearest Suzi,
    Indeed, this summer is slipping right through our hands...
    Love your Mermaid trial! Hope the pool will work out well.
    Just got back from Atlanta, stocking up at Costco, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market, our usual rounds.
    Traffic was good and I got back early.
    Hoping to find my Eproofs and yes, they had arrived for the Hardback with jacket and the Paperback but a lot of the added Title Information did not stay in, as I had uploaded it Saturday morning... Arg what a stress for self publishing for worldwide distribution. And of course trying to chat, nothing. Calling and still get nobody even if it says till 7:00 PM. So I did write my request and everything in one of their forms on line. That got sent to me via a message on my phone... Hoping to get past this soon and being able to get a proof print version to see it ourselves. The eBook will be done by my graphic designer when she's back from Germany on vacation from England. Had so hoped she'd complete her task last week. NOT so. I've done all the typing and editing and then you depend on others and the weeks slide by...
    Hoping that you are on the mend and gain some stamina; slowly as we must consider our age! I've not been biking much with Pieter, too hot and with all this extra work I want to have that first behind me for fully enjoying other things.

    1. Hi Mariette...You are brave to go shopping and smart to do it all in one trip.
      Ah the joys of publishing! Toes crossed it all gets sorted quickly.
      I am a lot better at pacing myself, but WOW! there is so much to be done. We have had a run of our usual 3H (hazy, hot, & humid) summer weather. Mid-day is for staying in the shade and drinking ice tea.
      I am hoping for one of our long, mild falls.

  2. Oh somehow I lost your link here on blogs. I'll have to catch up soon. Glad to see your mermaid...she looks very promising!

    1. Hi Barb...Thanks. Glad you found me again.
      I’ve been following your health and living posts. Happy to see you hanging in there.
      Whoever said growing old is not for sissies sure was speaking truth!

  3. She is a beauty! Glad to hear you are gaining strength. I hope your pool is now filled for swimming.

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