Thursday, June 10, 2021


This is a challah I baked yesterday.  I got bored with my basic bread and decided to delve into my collection of bread recipes.  This is a combo of various recipes. I switched out the sugar for brown rice syrup.  It's not a huge amount but it does give the bread a very nice flavor note.  I only used one egg; I think I should have used two or three.

I had so much dough that I made some burger buns and a tasty dried fruit twist.

One of the fun things about  bread is the way it can be twisted and braided.  This is a four strand plait.

I am thrilled to see my white (iris) flag blooming.  I planted it many years ago around the time of the caterpillar invasion.  Between bugs, drought, and a leaking pond I assumed it was dead and gone.

It's amazing what rain and the pond at its correct depth can do for a plant.

We have been enjoying a heat spell. Temps are supposed to drop a bit today, but it is still spring...soon to be officially summer!

As always, stay safe and healthy, and thanks for stopping by............*s* 


  1. Oh my, that bread looks so yummy! Good to hear that you could bake in spite of the heat...I feel for the NE that's got that, and the south where there's too much rain. I think we've been between both problems and though an afternoon rain comes, we had some sunny mornings usually.

    1. Hi Barb....thanks. The humidity dropped, but we still have sun so being outside is a treat.
      I do most of my baking in my countertop convection oven. It does the job for two people and puts out very little heat.

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Well, I'm also going to take up baking fresh bread again. Yours looks magazine worthy and clever for using the brown rice syrup with a much lower glycemic index.
    Your iris is a gem. We had lots of rain and thunder but the forecast changed yesterday, suddenly as it was sunny and we both went biking. Enjoyed it so much with all the lush fields, birds chirping happily. The best time of the year.

  3. Hi Mariette...Thank you. I am using more brown rice syrup for it's great flavor. Originally I tried it due to its lower glycemic index. I also use a lot of date paste, which I make myself. I find that most date sugars have anti-clumping agents added which is okay for baking but looks weird when added to drinks.
    We went through a week of rain, then it got hot. Toes crossed we don't have a drought.


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