Tuesday, August 3, 2021

(Missed It!) Majolica Monday 6

Monday went out the window; not sure why.

Here are a bunch of fail pots that I have repurposed to hold petunia seedlings.  The pots are okay, mostly glaze flaws.

I save petunia seed from year to year and also spread seed in outdoor planters to over winter outdoors.  I stick the saved seed in the refrigerator for a while.  The freezer would probably work well too.  There are a lot of pinks but other variants too.  I do it strictly for my own pleasure. It's a spring-summer thing.

As always, stay safe, and thanks for stopping by................*s*



  1. Dearest Suzi,
    What a lovely tradition for keeping your precious Zinia population up and 'blooming' year after year!
    Those pots proudly hold them.

  2. Hi Mariette....Thanks. They're petunias. I gave up on zinnias, which I love, after too many losing battles with powdery mildew.

    1. Wonder WHY I wrote here Zinnia... knowing rather well the difference. Yes, we gave up on those lovely Zinnias for the very same reason!

  3. I've never tried growing petunias from seed...that I remember anyway. I always just go to a store and buy seedlings each spring...or this year a great big hanging planter full of purple petunias. Right now they are pretty scruffy looking from the last few weeks of 80-90 degree afternoon sun...but maybe they will be ok now I've put them down where less direct sun will hit them.

  4. Hi Barb....It's just one of my obsessive summertime hobbies! 🤭
    If your petunias are looking long and scraggly try cutting a few of the scrabbles back to about four or five inches. They will get a new life for your nice long growing season. Just don't do them all at once.


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