Sunday, October 10, 2021

Endless Fall

Started this post and never finished or posted.  This is another shot of my deck rail with the petunias I grew from saved seed. That’s a double hibiscus on the end. There are two more that aren’t in the picture.
I am going to bring a bunch of them in to winter over in my sunroom.  The blooms peter out in December so I cut them back. If all goes according to plan they will start flowering March.

 As I have mentioned before, I move upstairs and do pottery glazing and painting when my studio gets too chilly to heat.  This year I am trying to put some thought into it rather a spur of the moment harem-scarum  move.

I’ve been using my SAD lamp.  Turns out the kitties love the warmth from it. I was going to buy one more to keep in the sunroom.  I may have to buy two.

We are still enjoying one of our long warm falls. The leaves on the swamp maples are barely beginning to turn. We will be covering the pool this week, before the leaves really start coming down.  I hate to do it as I love to be out there even though it’s no longer swimming weather. (And I wonder every year how I swam in the ocean with delight as a youngster, when we thought 70º was warm.) Closing the pool signifies the real end of summer.

Toes crossed everyone enjoys the long week end. There willprobably be all sorts of goings on on Federal Hill in Providence and probably Westerly, big Italian heritage in both places.

As always, stay safe, and thanks for stopping by…………..*s*

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