Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Joyful Litha/Summer Solstice

 I am sitting on my deck under the umbrella.  The temp in the shade is about 74ºF with a light breeze blowing. Living surrounded by trees and away from asphalt makes this very pleasant indeed.

The petunias I am growing from saved seed are coming along nicely.  I have been saving seed for several years now.  I don’t get the early blooms that I would get from purchased plants, but I know they have not been subjected to any lethal debugging sprays.  In  another week or so there will be no difference.

I have heard the beating wings of hummingbirds.  I think they are annoyed that there are few blooms around.

I have several boxes prepped for basil seeds.  I always over plant so I can transplant all over and still have many extras for a pesto treat.

I have spent the better part of June obsessing over various upcoming medical appointments.  None are life threatening……yet……but the nuisance factor is high.

We’ll see. Grasshopper……….we’ll see………..

As always, stay safe and thanks for stopping by……….*s*

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  1. Dearest Suzi,
    Your petunias certainly are stunning and that grown from saved seeds.
    Kudos to you for that.
    Have to empty my hummingbird feeder, the new copper one that Pieter purchased in March, as they are not drinking from it. Try to refill it again and see what comes.
    Right now my pain is too much for reaching up, unscrewing it and cleaning it out and refilling and hanging it up again.
    Have had several nights that I could not sleep nor lie on my back or whatever. That stent–graft area is hurting so fiercely, where they repaired the tear in the aorta caused by that car hitting me.
    Pieter often said, it is not only the broken leg, knee and shoulder but a lot more suffering caused by it. My Pieter lost his life by over–doing at his frail age of 94... He was my sole caretaker and now I have to do it alone. Sure got my cleaning ladies, mother and daughter and she also irons the bed linens and makes the bed with fresh linens. Got some teenage kids watering the many patio pots with plants but it is not the same as that Pieter did it with love and all his heart.
    Our 3 sibling kitties are showing their aging problems, kidneys and digestive problems. Had just to clean two barfs from Spooky after I fed him supper. Using already the most senior food but still. They are 17 years and 2.5 months and that is old.


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