Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Bunny bottoms.  I bisqued these before I went into the hospital in March.  I am trying a slightly different method of glazing. Spectrum #251, Satin White. Once they are dry I will dab a thin coat of Spectrum #250, Satin Clear over.  Once that coat is dry I will wax resist over the entire area so I don’t rub everything off in the process of painting the actual bunnies.

We have been enjoying some spring weather these last few days.  My columbine by the house is starting to bloom also bleeding heart.  I will photograph them when the sun moves around the house a bit.

AT some point I will visit a nursery to buy some spring plants. Don’t know about places like Walmart and Home Depot, but the independent places have some pretty good rules in place.

Of course here in RI masks are mandatory in any public/retail venue.

We’ll see, grasshopper.......we’ll see.........

As always thanks for stopping by...........*s*


  1. home depot here requires a limited number of folks in at a time, but no masks required but we wear them and gloves, walmart had no plants but hanging baskets. tonight will be the first night we don't have to cover our vegetables plants.

  2. Hi Linda...We have had chilly nights but nothing below freezing, for which I am thankful. Other parts of the state have not been so fortunate. Family in Vermont and New Hampshire have had snow. I am so glad I live in SOUTHERN New England.

  3. Dearest Suzi,
    This morning as we went to pray the Rosary, outside of our Church with a group of Parishioners for having soon our Church reopen again, it was 67ºF instead of 52ºF and it makes such a difference!
    Barty enjoys lounging on the balcony and I've been able to read some magazines yesterday, catching up before I have to start typing all the book pages once the Template is being laid out by the graphic designer.
    Glad you got these bunnies done so far before you went to the hospital. Hope you are recovering well and can enjoy your spring season.

  4. Hi Mariette...We are still in lockdown. Given that we don’t go anywhere anyway it doesn’t really impinge much on our lives. Garden centers are open or opening with many cautions and rules. I am looking forward to growing season.
    Have a fine weekend.

  5. Glad to see you are slowly getting back to pottery! It seems weird to me to have not spent an afternoon shopping for flowers and plants this spring. I have one hanging basket of a petunia mix that I picked up at the grocery store. Jeff did get some vegetable plants at Lowe's last month. By the time I am brave enough to go out and flower shop, there may be nothing left! I am thankful I had a few seed packets.

    1. Hi Michele...I have petunias that I wintered over. It’s almost warm enough for them to go out. Hi
      Finally I am getting my real studio organized enough to move back downstairs, I may even do some throwing!

  6. so nice to see you potting!! I am so hoping we had our last snowfall last week! My seeds that I started are really needing to get in the ground! I am just so happy to see green things instead of brown and white :). Be well the flowers will arrive soon!

  7. Hi Sandy...In the last few days of warmer weather the trees have popped their leaves. IWe didn’t have snow last week but there were several days of gray, wet, windy, chilly weather. We even had to light the woodstove! Ah New England!


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